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About Us

Our Heart & Co. was founded in 2019 as a family company, dedicated to sharing the joy of family with others. Our founder Aly, a Navy veteran, has a dedication to service that goes beyond the military. Our Heart & Co. set out to make a difference in the business world by creating more environmentally friendly and all-natural options for our friends and family while maintaining the highest standards of quality. As we’ve grown, we haven’t forgotten the value of sustainability, healthy living, and family.

All of our products are handmade right here in Texas. It is important to us that everyone involved in our production is treated like family, from supplier all the way to consumer. That means we put extra thought into what we buy, what we sell, and how we make changes. It means that our employees are paid a living wage that goes beyond just the minimum. We never stop asking how we can do better.

Our Heart & Co. began developing personal care products as a result of the COVID-19 Crisis that shook the world in late 2019 and 2020. We feared that the increased demand for personal hygiene items would leave environmental concern to the wayside. We acknowledged that it is important for people to take care of themselves, but we still felt that it could be done in a way that takes care of everyone else at the same time.

Our most sincere hope and vision is that our product lines’ success inspires other businesses to adopt sustainable business processes similar to ours. As we grow, we believe that our products will remain at the pinnacle of quality and keep our friends coming back to us for the finest that nature has to offer. Until that time, we firmly believe that our products are some of the best for our customers and Our Planet.